We are quite busy here at Revintages. We’ve got another turntable for a little maintenance.  The new toy is Japanese semiautomatic turntable from ’80s – AKAI AP-B20. Although it is very simple and basic – this is a great, fully functional device for novice vinyl collector.


AKAI AP-B20 by REVINTAGES.COM with colored vinyl

Maintenance  done:

  • Belt replaced
  • Mechanics cleaned and lubed
  • Contacts cleaned with Deoxit
  • Tonearm, stylus pressure adjusted, anti-skating fine-tuned

We are not going to put it on sale for now, we have a big AKAI rack with full set of components, but missing turntable. This will be a perfect match.

Currently we make photo-sets with nice colored vinyls. Later on these sets will be available for purchase.



We’ve also prepared a short video with a overview and even some sound test, see below. Russian version for my friends is also available. Stay tuned!


      1. Phil WIlman

        Hi there,

        I have the exact same turntable and it’s a great budget player which I’ve had for a while now and recently had it tidied up a bit, the only thing I’m struggling to find are replacement hinges for the lid,
        do you know where I could get my hands on some as it’s the final missing piece to complete what i think is a great vintage turntable! Hope you can help…

        I’d also be interested in those photosets when they’re available…


          Hi Phil, the hinges issue is one of the oldest. Unfortunately, this is something that small workshops do not consider for manufacturing (contrary to belts for example). The only advice I can give is to search on flea markets or get the donor device of the same model or similar model line.

          As to photo sets – thanks a lot for your interest, I’ll put the first one online within 48 hours and will notify you via email as well.

          Have a great day.

        2. Kevin

          I just “replaced” my hinges today. Went down to the local hardware store and bought spring loaded cupboard hinges. This is the second lots I’ve fixed with this method. Works like a charm. 

          Had to drill a few holes in the lid, and attached the hinges with m5 bolts and plastic lined nuts. 

          1. REVINTAGES.COM

            Thank you very much for sharing. This is a great method, I’ll keep it mind.
            Was it difficult to drill holes in the plastic lid?

  1. Jonathan Huis

    Hi i recently bought an secondhand AP B20 however the output of the volume is very low when i connect it to my stereo do you have any idea what might cause this ?


      First of all check whether your stereo amp has two inputs for phono – “MC” and “MM”.
      If yes – sequentially try both. May be you’ve connected it to the wrong input.


        It is quite difficult to diagnose the problem without testing the device. It can be a faulty part inside the turntable or you are attaching your turntable to the amp’s input designated for different phono cartridge type. Sorry, this is all I can say…

  2. Malc


    I have an AKAI AP-B20C which used to belong to my mother. It is in excellent condition (she had it from new) and I am enjoying re-visiting my vinyl collection with it. One issue I have though is that it sounds ever-so-slightly slow. As there is not a strobe fitted on this model, is there any way to measure the speed on the turntable, and then adjust if needed?

    many thanks



      To be honest, I’ve just realized I have the same issue as well even though I’ve replaced the belt. I’ve checked schematics already and there is a pot that needs to be adjusted – it controls the speed. I haven’t done it yet, but I think it should not be very difficult.


    I’ve sold my device a few moths ago, so I can’t reproduce your issue right now and with so many other devices I’m dealing with I simply don’t remember. I would take the manual and read about tonearm adjustment, may be somewhere in that section they will have explanation for lever tune up.

  4. Paul

    I have just bought this turntable in great condition.
    I was looking at replacing the cartridge soon with an AT95E, however, I have the manual but nowhere does it tell you about alignment and there was never a protractor provided.

    The only information in the manual is about the need to adjust overhang after a cartridge replacement and to use the grooves/marks on the original slipmat (which I do have).

    Can anyone tell me if this is all there is to it, I did download the generic protractor from vinylengine, but if I don’t need it then great.

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