Integrated Amplifier Kenwood KA-5700
Integrated Amplifier Kenwood KA-5700Integrated Amplifier Kenwood KA-5700Integrated Amplifier Kenwood KA-5700Integrated Amplifier Kenwood KA-5700Integrated Amplifier Kenwood KA-5700Integrated Amplifier Kenwood KA-5700

Kenwood KA-5700 Amplifier

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Kenwood KA-5700 Integrated Amplifier, manufactured in 1978. Fully functional vintage integrated amplifier in excellent condition. Everything works. The unit features beautiful nostalgic wooden case, classic analog meters and traditional silver face plate. Rare collectible item.



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Product Description

Kenwood KA-5700 Integrated Amplifier is a gorgeous example of classic hi-fi electronics from the end of 70’s. Warm signature Kenwood sound, killer looks and excellent conversation starter. You can find detailed specs here.


  • ■ At least 40 watts of pure crisp sound energy
  • ■ Phono Stage Input
  • ■ You may connect up to 5 sources (including two tape decks)
  • ■ Tone controls including Loudness and Subsonic filter useful for vinyl records listening
  • ■ Headphones Input
  • ■ Analog Meters
  • ■ Shiny faceplate
  • ■ Big aluminum tuning dial
  • ■ Nostalgic wooden case made of natural walnut
  • ■ Very simple layout with just a few buttons to push
  • ■ You can connect two pairs of speakers and control them with Speakers selector


Electronics is in excellent working condition. The exterior is in very good shape, has some marks of regular wear. No deep scratches or dings. Wooden case in good condition, there is a small jam on the top right corner. See the photos and be the judge.


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We are experts in packing. We do everything to protect valuable and fragile vintage electronics. But even with these precautions we do prefer to sell locally. We also ship to USA and CANADA. We may consider shipping to other destinations, but pls contact us first using the form at the bottom of this page.  Read more about our shipping policy.


We understand, that some customers prefer to shop on bigger an more famous shopping platforms. We do put our electronics on eBay from time to time. eBay shoppers, pls note:

  • ■ We will provide the link to eBay auction for this unit on this page
  • ■ Our electronics sells much faster on eBay
  • ■ To justify the associated expenses all our products are 15% more expensive on eBay

Thank you for understanding.

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