Skogrand Cable With Emroidery

Skogrand Cable with Embroidery

We do believe in quality. Here, at Revintages we use quality cables for all our needs – whether it is a power cable for upgraded amp or acoustic cable for our favorite speakers. We also use good plugs everywhere we can. Nowadays there are so many possibilities. For example – you can buy good Nakamichi branded banana plugs on Amazon. Our main concern – good contact and good conductivity. We probably don’t have golden ears, because we hear the difference to the certain degree, but we probably won’t be able to recognize different acoustic cables using double blind test. Simply won’t.

That is why we have a very mixed feelings when some company announces “revolutionary power cable just for $499.99”. Or “absolutely neutral acoustic cable just for a few grands”. “Not for our ears” – this is all we say in this case.

You can imagine our reaction when we’ve read about “absolutely magical” Skogrand cables. Thick state-of-the-art cables from Norway using Ultra Pure Ohno Continuous Cast copper (UP-OCC) and featuring embroidered insulation material. It is all nice, even the “pure Norwegian air as dielectric” didn’t evoke a smile, but the price…

$22,000 for a 2 meter pair. Yes, you’ve read it right: 22 thousand dollars for two wires. OK, yes, they are embroidered. See the feature photo of the post.

Although this is an extreme case, we’ve been also surprised learning that some cables are a popular subject of forgery. Audio Quest web site now has a special section that warns customers about counterfeit products under their brand. They can even take a cable for expertise to confirm whether your purchase is legit. But there are stories, that the forger skills are improving every day, and even Audio Quest themselves can not separate their products from the ones made by “others”.

All we can tell is “Use common sense”. There are many good budget choices. For example SAEC cables (available as RCA, XLR and non-terminated). Good quality, affordable prices. Audio Quest is good too, especially used. For beginners – copper AWG 14 or AWG 12 wire is good enough to pump up any speakers.

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