The term “restoration” usually refers to the process of restoring an object to its original condition. Neither updating or modifying are considered part of the restoration process. A restored electronic device is one that has had all of its systems and or parts restored to original condition. Selectively restoring parts or systems is referred to as refurbishing. Formally, it does not qualify as restoration. “Recapping” a open reel deck may restore the amplification circuit, but it does not restore the whole unit, since there are many other systems require effort. It can be broken mechanics, chipped wooden cabinet or missing knob.

There are many aspects to the process of vintage audio restoration. The goal is to return the unit to its ‘original’ state. To accomplish this, a unit must often undergo many structural and aesthetic changes including electronics, mechanics, woodwork and many more.

We are trying to perform restoration where possible, but due to the nature of the vintage audio it is not always possible. So we either modify the unit to make it look and function as close as possible.

Usually we start with inspection and disassembly. We define what repairs have to be done, order and or prepare the parts and supplies. Once the unit is mechanically and electronically functional the wood work is then done to the cabinet if required. The last task is the exterior cleaning and finish.

Restoration of a vintage audio can take many forms. Here at Revintages, we are trying to return our units to the state of their “glory days” as much as possible.